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This is a project documentation website for Wikibot Terminal Tool. Here you can find all useful information for further development and tool usage as well.

Quick Overview

This tool lets you configure your wikibot online using you OS command line/terminal.

First setup

When the program launches, it searches for config.cfg file and attempts to read it. If the file can’t be found or some of the configuration lines seem to be missing, the program asks for new configuration of missing lines. Since config.cfg isn’t shipped with program ZIP distribution, program asks for brand new configuration as config file is missing. The configuration file is text format file with a configuration key=value assignment on each line (read page “Configuration files”), so it is easily readable and editable. If the file gets corrupted (large parts seem to be unreadable, file is empty, etc.), delete it and let the program create new configuration. The configuration contains following specifications:

If for some reason the config file can’t be saved, the configuration is saved only for current session and gets forgot after program terminates. If you encounter this issue, check if the program has permissions to write in its own directory.

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