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Source code maintainance and development documentation

Open-Source command line terminal tool called Wikibot Terminal Tool is a project from community for community. I am a Wikipedia editor and programmer, so I made a program for an easy wikibot maintainance (could be easier using GUI - this is next goal, now using command line). This documentation site is made for programmer who would like to contribute to the project, or fork the project for their own development. Here you can find useful informations for easier development.

Table of content

  1. General skeleton
    1. Namespaces
    2. Cross-Platform
    3. Locales
  2. Adding features
    1. Functions
    2. Classes
  3. Expanding existing features
    1. Functions
    2. Classes
  4. Project building
    1. Makefile
    2. Locales
    3. Cross-Platform
      1. Windows
      2. Linux
      3. Mac OS
  5. Development
    1. GitHub
    2. Contributing
    3. Forks

Important notice!

I am not responsible to any damage caused by malicious contributions! Infected source code will be reviewed and deleted from repository and malicious contributor permanently banned! I am not responsible for safety of forks made out of this repository, nor do I have anything to do with development and/or maintainance of these forks. Please, read the file in repository for more informations about the project and brief development informations. Follow table of content in this page for detailed development informations.

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