[BUG FIX] What kind of bug did you fix? Type here.

Briefly explain, how severe the bug is, how does new build work (if possible, attach screenshots). Don’t forget that I request this project to run under Windows 9x and it should be buildable using Visual Studio 6.0 - if your bug fix breaks Windows 9x compatiblity, then this pull request will be discarded.


Put screeshots here, if applicable.


Explain verbosely (in detail) your changes. Deleted, added and edited files, what changes did you make, what those changes mean, etc. If possible, try to format your details in bullet list, like this:


Try to summarize your changes in numbers. How much code did you change. If possible, include build log, eighter in attachment, or using code block like this:

C:\Documents\Visual Studio\Projects\kriskros\mapgen\main.cpp (15) > error C4018 : example error

Build failed

Summary: 1 error(s), 0 warning(s)