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Joker Discord Chat Bot - About

This project is my creation of a chat bot for a Discord server. The bot is open-source (it is being released under GNU-GPL v3.0) and completely free to use. Bot can be found on my Discord server CZghost Gaming and my development Discord server CZghost Development. Bot is currently in phase of Alpha testing (building the bot), so the only place you can test the bot out is my development Discord server. Once the bot passes to Beta, you can use it in main Discord server as well.

Bot availability

Bot is currently under heavy construction and mostly will appear offline. For that reason I won’t make API for bot online status yet, however, if you are interested in adding Joker to your Discord server, use this invite link.


Documentation is yet to be built, full features list is currently under development. But once the help command is built, I’ll include documentation TOC here.

Info page

Once the bot passes to Beta phase, I’ll make it available to every server and introduce an info page where you can view the online status as well as full list of servers the bot joined and full help on the commands the bot will offer. Alpha testing ends when all features are implemented and debugged from major bugs.