Marek Poláček

Programming and development

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Hi. I’m Marek Poláček, called Polda18 on numerous websites (especially Wikipedia) and CZghost in games. I’m a graphics creator, developer, programmer and editor. I do level designs, webdesigns and number of other tasks, including programming. In free time, I’m also taking pictures and share them.


Primary function of GitHub is a programmer’s development platform hosting source codes. Therefore I’ll print out my primary programming targets and which programming languages I tend to use

Websites and webtools

I’m programming for people, with people’s sources, so I go a lot to Stack Overflow website. That does apply to other targets as well. For websites, I use primarily PHP for server-side programming (databases, web applications, libraries, modules, etc.) and JavaScript for client-side programming (animations, dynamic web page changes, AJAX, fancy stuff). For webtools (mainly command line or terminal tools running on a client host PC), I use C, C++, for small scripts rather Python. You can find my projects on my GitHub profile (including these websites, corrections are welcome).


As a free-time developer, I’m creating stuff for video games, which, apart from level designs and texture, models, sound, music or other assets creation, contain also programming. I’m learning understanding an original source code for games like Quake III Arena or Return to Castle Wolfenstein and I’m trying to make modifications for these games. As a gamer, I’m also playing not only these games. I play also Quake Live, which is primary ripoff of Quake III Arena, and also Minecraft, which lets me think and act creatively, lets me free my imagination. This is not limited to programming languages, however I’m into C, C++ and Java rather than Python.


Time by time, I also create some educational programs (like Diskriminant or Determinant - free to download - Czech only, sorry). These are created primarily for Windows (C#), however I plan creating cross-platform applications (C, C++ primarily)

Small preview of programming job

 * Wikibot Terminal Tool - by Polda18
 * File: logger.h
 * Description: Wikibot logger namespace for logging into file

#ifndef LOGGER_H
#define LOGGER_H

#include <iostream>
#include <fstream>
#include <string>
#include <ctime>

#include "locale/locale.h"

namespace wikibot {
    namespace logger
        void log(std::string line, std::string file);


Graphics and writing

I’m also graphics creator and editor. Apart from taking pictures, I also make textures, basic artworks, and even videos. I’m also trying to write some stories. I want to share my creations, but none of them are actually complete, and they are topic for another website. You can find these on that link in future. I’m planning making video tutorials and reviews…

GitHub projects currently in development

My Gists

You can find my public gists here.